Flag Updates


Am Vets got our flagpole set this morning (6/11/23) and did a test flag raising. We will set a formal inaugural flag raising date soon. We still have to make sure the solar lighting works correctly.

We don’t want to rush the inaugural flag raising date because we want it to be a “stand-alone” event with plenty of time – at least a couple of weeks – to publicize it and get a chance to invite friends of Am Vets Post 6, Am Vets Dept. of IA officers, veterans groups, a few city officials and other friends of Am Vets that made this possible.

Am Vets Vice Commander Sonny DeReus contacted the C.R. Corvette Club who plan on attending and will help us collect donations for our ongoing expenses. Am Vets Post 6 will be responsible for all maintenance until June 30th, 2044.

Anyone wanting to donate now can go to our website, amvetscr.org, click on the donate button then click the Mount Trashmore Flag. Thank you for your support!

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